Heavenstrike Rivals Updates with First Raid, Final Fantasy IV Playable Characters

Heavenstrike Rivals is a mobile RPG from Square Enix and today they’ve announced an update in line with their ongoing Final Fantasy IV partnership. You can now participate in a timed exclusive event to fight against Golbez and perhaps even receive Rubicante as a special reward. The last day to participate in this portion of the update will be February 22.

The update also includes the game’s first raid which will be playable on a brand new battle map. You’ll experience a separate story quest on your journey to hopefully obtain Yang from Final Fantasy IV. This event ends on February 24.

Lastly, the characters Rydia, Rosa, Cecil, Golbez, Kain and Edge will be available for limited time recruitment from previous Final Fantasy IV collaboration events. You can download Heavenstrike Rivals for free on iOS and Android devices.