‘Heavy Metal’ Platformer Valfaris Getting Physical Release This November

While the similarity and familiarity between this and the studio’s previous work, Slain: Back From Hell, is apparent, it takes nothing away from how intriguing developer Steel Mantis’ follow-up, Valfaris, has been since its reveal last year. And with a spot at both GDC as well as showing up during this year’s PC Gaming Show at E3, Valfaris’ mix of heavy metal sound and visuals, has definitely drawn more attention. And now, it appears the game is closing in on a date with Valfaris confirmed to be launching this November across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC.

What’s more, a physical version has also been confirmed by the game’s publisher, Merge Games, for PS4 and Switch. If you haven’t yet taken a peak at Valfaris and the attention-to-detail with its pixel-art and overall style — especially if you’re a fan of either action-platformers, run-and-gun Contra-style titles, or possibly both — be sure to check out the latest trailer below.