Hello Games’ The Last Campfire Launches Tomorrow, PC Version Tied to Epic Games Store

For a studio who made a name for themselves — for better or worse — with a rather ambitious, vast space exploration title in the form of No Man’s Sky, the news that developers Hello Games’ next project was a much smaller-scale, adventure, was both surprising and not so much. The response of course depending on how much you enjoyed No Man’s Sky and whether the team’s continuing hard-work on building out that game, was enough to entice you back.

Regardless, The Last Campfire, surprisingly, releases tomorrow it was revealed earlier today. But if you were looking to check out the PC version of the game, you may want to reconsider as it looks like Hello Games have left it until last minute to state that the PC version of the game will be tied to the Epic Games Store. Hello Games have remained fairly vague as to whether or not the game would be available on Steam, during the game’s build-up; the store page for the game on Steam still lists the game as releasing on the platform sometime in 2020. But with today’s news, that sadly looks unlikely. The Last Campfire will be available across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC via the Epic Games Store, on August 27.