Here’s What to Expect from R8 Games’ Formula Fusion

Developer R8 Games have fully confirmed what players should expect content-wise when the studio’s upcoming anti-grav racer, Formula Fusion, exits Early Access later this year as it eyes a Q2 official launch on PC. Formula Fusion’s retail build will feature eight tracks, five customisable crafts and ten teams. The tracks themselves, along with a day and night variants, will also feature a reverse mode bringing the total number of track variants to 30.

R8 Games also confirm the game will come with a competitive multiplayer mode with plans to further expand the game’s content post-launch. Formula Fusion marks the latest in the futuristic racer revival which has seen the likes of both Fast Racing Neo/RMX & Redout help bring the niche genre back into the limelight of the 21st century. You can read up more on our thoughts of the game in our preview here.