Hextech Crafting is Making its Way to PBE

Hextech Crafting will soon be making its way to the testing grounds that is PBE.

According to Riot the Hextech Crafting system is a new way for players to collect loot. You can earn this loot through champion mastery or performing well in a game by yourself or with your premade group. This loot will be fragments that you can later redeem for champions, skins, and summoner icons.

You can earn up to 48 loot chests a year with the system capping (as of now) at four chests a month. If or someone in your premade gets an S rating on a champ you can earn chest via that rating, but you can only get one chest per champion for the season. Meaning that you can’t get four chests a month by using one champion and getting S ratings over and over. The game will also tell you if you’re eligible to earn a chest with each champion if  you choose to play them in a match. If you don’t mind forking over cash for your chests you can also purchase them for 125 rp or basically get 4 for 5 dollars.

It doesn’t stop there though. In order to open these chests you’ll need a key. You can earn keys by winning matches or by purchasing them for 125 rp as well.

The chests will contain loot, loot shards, or essences and can possibly have multiple types of loot but never just essence. It’s actually a pretty robust system they’re looking to add in and if it stays this way can drastically change how you unlock champions and other items in the game. Remember though it’s just now heading to PBE so all of this is subject to change and surely some of it will.

To check it out in it’s current form though you can head here.

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  1. Hopefully they’ll make it so you can earn these ranks from 3s aswell, I dont have the time (or sometimes the patience) for 5s :/

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