High on Life Showcases Boss Battle in New Gameplay Clip

Last week may have seen Squanch Games’ upcoming comedic FPS High on Life get kicked back a few weeks to December, but it still had enough energy to get back up for a bit and make an appearance during Gamescom Opening Night Live. And with an unbroken gameplay clip, no less. As seen below, we get to see our bounty hunter protagonist 9-Torg battle the game’s first real boss fight, 9-Torg. Thankfully, the player is equipped with some particular weaponry to help them out.

Said weaponry just happens to talk to you, as we get a talking gun voice by creator Justin Roiland and a stab-happy talking knife (no relation to Beth’s knife from Rick and Morty) that dispense a bit of advice and a good chunk of humor during this duel with the boss and their tendency to fill the room with sludge, requiring you to use the knife’s skills to swing around the room. Indeed, it looks like some pretty exciting stuff, and we can’t wait to see more of this insane world and its equally insane combat when High on Life comes out for PC and Xbox platforms on December 13.