Hit Those Bullets Back Where They Came From in Sky Racket Reveal Trailer

As a general rule the player in an arcade shooter comes heavily armed.  Bullets, bombs, missiles, side-lasers, homing shots, and whatever other toys of destruction can get bolted on to a compact flying mecha-god of destruction put the odds squarely in the player’s favor, other than all that pesky firepower the enemy throws back.  The Capybara Goddess isn’t into the heavy-offense approach, though, and instead bestowed the miracle of the Sky Rackets on a young boy and girl so they can swat bullets right back where they came from.  Sky Racket plays like a horizontal shooter mixed with a brick breaker, although in this case you need to hit the button to send things flying instead of automatically bouncing off them.  This ties into the scoring system, with a multiplier that goes up with successful hits and down when you whiff it, but there’s generally something on the screen to chase after so even in a brief moment of rest your racket won’t stay idle for long.

Sky Racket has a demo available showcasing the first two levels plus a boss fight.  While the surface cuteness and silly enemies make it look straightforward there are a huge number of scoring opportunities in each level to chase after, with plenty of room for skilled play.  It’s absolutely worth putting in a few rounds, clearing the level then chasing after bonus objectives, and it’s available free on Steam.  Give it a play or two, or at least check out the trailer below to get ready for Sky Racket’s October 22 release.