Hit Up GameStop for a Bottle Cap to use in Pokémon Sun and Moon

You’ve caught them all and defeated the Pokémon League, but have you been training your team to their fullest potential? This new promotional event hosted by GameStop from February 13 to March 5 could help you achieve those goals.

Visit any participating GameStop location and you receive an in-game code to redeem one Bottle Cap. After entering the code and obtaining the item it can be traded to Mr. Hyper for some extra training. It can only be used on Pokémon that are level 100 and will maximize one IVs. Codes will expire after May 13, so get your Pokémon’s levels up now!

Bottle Caps can be found via various Festival Plaza events or by fishing. You may even find a Gold Bottle Cap if you’re lucky which will max out all IVs.