Hitman 2 – ‘Untouchable’ Trailer Reveals New Destinations

Being a hitman of international renown has taken Agent 47 to all manner of exotic locations over the years. The list of places he’s visited is probably just as long as his list of retired targets, and Hitman 2 is going to add even more to it. Agent 47’s next set of assignments will be taking him to all manner of places around the world, including: Miami, Colombia, Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek and an island known only as the “Isle of Sgail.” Glimpses of all these places can be seen in the trailer below, but it seems there’s also a glimpse of another sort here.

If one pays close attention to the sort dialog at the tail-end of the trailer, it sounds like Agent 47 might be questioning his line of work once more. The world’s deadliest assassin has had run-ins with the consequences of his work before, but those instances were focus around individuals and the organization that employs him. This time, his comments sound a bit more self-reflective. Perhaps he’s tiring of his bloody work? Unlikely, but one can never know for sure.

Either way, all will become clear when the game launches on November 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those interested in jumping into the series for the first time should take a look at our review for Hitman – The Complete First Season for a better idea of what kind of experience to expect in this one.