Hitman Could Have up to Three Seasons

Hitman players could be looking forward to a lot more Hitman, according to the official Hitman Twitter account. A recent conversation with a fan said that they are working on Season 2 now, and that the plan is to do a third season as well.

With each season clocking in at around seven episodes, and each episode taking around 3-5 hours to complete if only played once through, that’s a lot of assassinating. The fan on Twitter also asked about remakes of old maps for the new game, and they said it’s “always a possibility,” but that they are focusing on the new stuff.

New episodes aren’t the only things to get excited for, though. Recently they introduced a new free mission where players take out Gary Busey, which is very different for a Hitman game. It will be interesting to see what other celebrities or characters they might put into the game, and how you’ll be able to take them out.

Hitman’s next episode, which takes place in Bangkok, will be out next week. For more on Hitman, keep coming to Hardcore Gamer.