HIZ1 Passes 4.5 Million Downloads for PS4 Open-Beta

Get ready to drop with H1Z1 having passed 4.5 million downloads for it’s Open-Beta on PS4, an astounding number that proves H1Z1 might have the muster to hang with the best of Battleroyale.

Stepping up to the console plate H1Z1 the Battleroyale game that’s been in the ring longer than them all finally makes its way to PS4 and if the numbers are anything to go by the getting is good. The biggest thing helping H1Z1 hit those numbers is the price of free slapped on to the side, competing with the likes of Fortnite. The one advantage being the game has been around longer and already has a dedicated fan base that is already growing due to the release on PS4.

Along with the Open-Beta comes Duos now open for any player pair to participate in with the map being optimized for performance. That’s not all that is optimized though, everything about H1Z1 for the PS4 has been designed with console gaming in mind to make sure players have the best experience with H1Z1.

The Open-Beta is in season so get out there and be number one in H1Z1 for PS4.