Hori Shows Off Pokémon Legends Arceus Switch Accessories

While many Pokémon players are currently making their way through Sinnoh in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a new/old adventure in the region is just over a month away. Pokémon Legends Arceus is scheduled for release on January 28 which takes place in Sinnoh of the past called the Hisui region. With this comes a couple of accessories from Hori that could come in handy for fans.

A hard shell vault case can carry your Switch, cartridges and other small pieces. Its zip closure and handle keeps everything neatly compact. There is a single strap bag with two zip compartments to hold the Switch and more essentials which is a great pick for travel. You could also have a split pad pro providing comfortable grip when attached to the Switch. Each one is decorated designs from the game and a graphic of Arceus.

Check out each item below and visit the Hori website for pre-order details.

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