Horizon Chase Turbo Senna Feature Trailer Unveiled

We have covered Horizon Chase Turbo many times over the years, and it’s about to get its biggest expansion yet. Since its launch, we have seen it get new training mode-style DLC alongside a summer vibes pack that added a lot of new content. Now, it will get the new Ayrton Senna Forever pack on October 20. This features a career runthrough for the legendary racer with over 40 races, a new championship mode with various difficulty levels and 30 new cars to choose from in a new for the series Formula One style.

New music will also be composed alongside a five chapter career mode and 15 new tracks. It’s exciting to see an F1-style vehicle in play given that Horizon Chase blends a bit of inspiration from OutRun and other classic arcade racers and the addition of F1 brings about comparisons to Virtua Racing. Maybe we’ll see stock cars added at some point to bring home a Daytona USA-style feel to the game. Horizon Chase Turbo’s Senna Forever DLC launches on October 20 for all consoles and PC.