Horizon Chase Turbo Summer Vibes DLC Hits PS4 – Hitting Switch and PC Later

Horizon Chase Turbo has been a fantastic pickup for the Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC – and now its getting its first taste of DLC. The game’s original release was certainly inspired by OutRun and the Top Gear games, and this DLC brings with it a new vehicle that takes the game’s original red sports car and makes it a convertible. Between this and a beach setting, you definitely get some modern-day OutRun vibes. The car has six skins in total, with a handful of bright colors and one skin showcasing pride month. Beyond the one new vehicle, you get 12 remixed tracks from the mainline campaign. The PlayStation 4 version is one of July’s PS+ freebies and this DLC only costs $2 – so for $2, you can get the complete experience on PS4 now. The Switch and PC release date hasn’t been announced – but it will be coming in August.

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