Horizon Shift ’81 Hitting Steam on June 11

Flump Studios has been creating some of the most enjoyable and imaginative shooters of the past decade. They’ve done so on the down low on devices like the OUYA, which is where I first found out about their work, and then put stuff out on Steam and consoles for a better chance of success. Their latest release was on Switch not all that long ago and is finally set for a Steam release.

Horizon Shift ’81 is the follow-up to the original Horizon Shift keeps with the tradition of having the screen split in half with a horizon line and pitting you against two equal halves of enemy hordes. It’s a challenging game, but a lot of fun – with super-responsive controls. Playing it on the Switch felt natural with TATE mode, and that has been kept in the PC version as well. It’s a different kind of game compared to an R-Type or another kind of vertical shooter, but it’s a blast if you’re in the mood for fast-paced shooting action.