Horizon Zero Dawn Making UK Debut at EGX

Guerilla Games’ upcoming Action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn, will be getting its first UK hands-on at this year’s EGX, event organisers have announced today. Horizon, a full PS4 exclusive, becomes the latest AAA title to be confirmed for this year’sĀ event following confirmation earlier this week that the likes of Battlefield 1, Sniper Elite 4 and even Destiny’s latest expansion in Rise of Iron, will all be playable when EGX commences next month, September 22.

Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be one of the more interesting takes on the post-apocalyptic premise, both conceptually and aesthetically. That and it has robot dinosaurs, which is always a plus. Horizon Zero Dawn is scheduled for release in North America first on February 28 next year — the game available in Europe shortly thereafter on March 1 (March 3 in the UK).