Hotshot Racing Set to Bring Arcade Racing Back to Consoles, PC

Arcade racing has had a bit of a resurgence recently. Games like Horizon Chase Turbo have made low-poly looks “in” and showcase just how much beauty you can get out of a limited artstyle. While that game brought a blend of traditional racing with an Outrun vibe, Curve Digital and Sumo Digital are teaming up for Hotshot Racing, which aims to deliver 60 FPS action to those seeking a more Daytona-esque arcade experience with an announcer alongside regular tracks being formed throughout the world.

With games like ’90s Arcade Racer never materializing, there’s been a thirst for this kind of game on the market and Hotshot looks to keep the spirit of ’90s classics alive. You have several camera angles to choose from, including a behind the car and in-car perspective just like Sega’s classics and can enjoy up to four player split-screen play. There are a ton of different car types available, including some inspired by rally cars and one that’s evoking Virtua Racing. Modes that aren’t usually in arcade-style races will be featured, including a pursuit mode that seems to evoke the Taito classic Chase HQ.

Hotshot Racing is aiming to hit all consoles and PC this spring, so we don’t have long to wait to enjoy it.

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