Housemarque Reveals Alienation’s Release Date via Twitter

Housemarque is certainly one of the most beloved independent developers in the industry, as the studio’s mastery of the twin-stick shooter genre has all but set the standard for other developers going forward. Alienation, Housemarque’s first game since the downright phenomenal Resogun, is set to draw from the Dead Nation formula as opposed to the type of gameplay we’ve seen from Super Stardust. If a recent tweet is to be believed, we will see Alienation sooner rather than later, as it’s set for a UK PlayStation 4 release date of March 23.

This European release date suggests that the North American release date will be the previous day, March 22. Alienation has certainly disappeared from our consciousness after its original reveal, but if Housemarque’s history of excellence is any indication, it should be an independent title to watch in 2016.