Housemarque Teams up with Eugene Jarvis for next Project

Housemarque announced at E3 2016 that they are teaming up with legendary video game designer Eugene Jarvis for their next project. We got to take a little time during the week to catch up with Housemarque to learn more about the collaboration.

The team has been inspired by Twitch and the rise of eSports. The competitive scene has never been bigger, and there’s a real thirst for more competitive games. In Housemarque’s eyes, games similar to what Eugene designed in the past, like Defender, could have a new life in today’s competitive scene. The only difference being that instead of a leaderboard on one machine, the leaderboard would be worldwide.

Not sure it would work? There’s historical precedent that suggests otherwise. Arcade games were easy to pick up, but hard to master. Gamers would flock to these machines looking for a challenge, and drop some serious cash. In total, Defender ended up grossing more than a billion dollars. Even looking at a current game like The Binding of Isaac shows there is an appetite for these difficult games. People love earning those bragging rights

That brings us to the ‘Jarvis Project,’ a new game that pays homage to the classic gameplay mechanics. Housemarque did say that the gameplay will be loosely based on Resogun, the hit PS4 launch title. With the advent of Twitch and YouTube Gaming, players can now watch high score runs online instead of watching over someone’s shoulder.

Though Housemarque didn’t show any gameplay, they did confirm that they are prepping to reveal the game soon. Jarvis Project marks the first time Housemarque will self-publish a game (all previous games were done with Sony) so there’s a chance the game might release on platforms outside of PlayStation. It’s all ifs right now. Be sure to check back for more info on the Jarvis Project.

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