Housemarque Venture into Time Loops with New IP Returnal

Developer Housemarque are no strangers to mixing things up from project to project. Going from flashy, twin-stick shooters to battle royales in the blink of an eye. Now, it seems the studio are once again trying their hand at a completely different premise and aesthetic alike, in the form of Returnal. On its own, Returnal is a fair number of genres and ideas mixed into one — combining side-scrolling action, third-person shooting and a roguelike structure whose world changes upon every player-character’s death.

Returnal tasks players with surviving as long as possible on an alien planet. The visuals may look to take a more realistic direction this time round, but needless to say we have high hopes for what Housemarque have in store here. Returnal has been confirmed to be a PS5 exclusive.

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