Humble 2K Game Together Bundle Now Available

The era of a slew of AAA games in a single Humble Bundle for a low price has been largely relegated to the Humbly Monthly/Classic setup over the last couple of years. Now, though, we’re seeing the return of that trend thanks to the Humble 2K Game Together Bundle. The $1 tier gets you The Darkness II, Pirates!, Carnival Games VR and Spec Ops The Line — so right off the bat, you’ve got two great shooters in The Darkness II and Spec Ops, with some family-friendly VR fun in Carnival Games.

The beat the average tier is priced nicely at about $11 and gets you The Golf Club 2019, BioShock The Collection, Civilization III Complete, and NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. This means that you get the definitive golfing experience on PC, a legendary exploratory first-person adventure series, a highly-regarded strategy game and a fun arcade-style basketball game for only $11 — and you get everything in the $1 tier too. So far, every tier is a great value and offers up some high quality games at a low price.

Finally, for $20, you get everything in those tiers alongside NBA 2K20, WWE 2K20, XCOM Enemy Unknown Complete, Borderlands Game of the Year and Borderlands The Handsome Collection. With NBA 2K20, you’re getting the latest entry in the long-running basketball series that received high marks for its gameplay and lower marks for its lootboxes. WWE 2K20 is a highly-flawed offering compared to past games, but is still a satisfying wrestling game experience despite its issues. The Borderlands games are top-tier looter shooters and XCOM Enemy Unknown is one of the finest tactical RPGs ever made. Overall, this is one of the best bundles ever made and an unbelievable value.