Humble Bundle Publishing The Wild at Heart

Humble Bundle has added another promising title to their lineup of published games, and that would be The Wild at Heart. Coming from American developers Moonlight Kids, the game is a Pikmin-style adventure taking place in the mysterious Deep Woods, where two kids set out on an ’80s fantasy-inspired adventure with the assistance of tiny, friendly magical creatures known as Spritelings. If you’re a fan of our Screenshot Saturday features, you’ve likely seen it pop up more than a few times, meaning it goes without saying that some of us here are highly excited about this new development and the potential signal boost it can give the game.

Armed with a vacuum known as the Gustbuster, our heroes not only have to face several treacherous and strange beings along the way, but they’ll also have to craft new items, upgrades, and camps, among other things. And this is all in between exploring the game’s colorful land. But for those lucky enough to be attending E3 next week, The Wild at Heart will be playable as part of the Xbox Showcase, meaning you can experience it for yourself. So right now, the game is headed to both PC and XB1, though no release window is set yet. Stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for any updates on The Wild at Heart, though.