Humble Choice Titles Revealed for September 2022

A new month of Humble Choice games is available, and it’s a pretty diverse mix across a variety of genres. This month’s games include Crusader Kings II, Just Cause 4: Complete Edition, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, Forgive Me, Father, Crown Trick, Descenders, Industria, Shapez and its DLC. Beyond that, Humble Choice players will be able to enjoy Moonscars on day one when it launches on September 27. This will be playable via the Humble app, so sadly, for those looking to play it with a bit more ease via something like the Steam Deck, it will require a separate launcher to enjoy right away. Still, there is a lot of value here for $12 and you can save a bit by doing the $129 annual plan and shave about a dollar a month off the cost.

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