Humble Games Reveals Massive Lineup for 2020 and 2021

Well, Humble Games certainly came prepared for Gamescom 2020. The publisher used the event to showcase their entire current upcoming lineup, dropping release dates for all of their games coming out in the rest of 2020, and showing off all of the games they have prepared so far for 2021. This means new trailers, reveals, and info for a whopping eleven games, which means we have a lot of ground to cover as quickly as possible…or you could just watch their 2020 sizzle reel and the 2021 sizzle reel, but that wouldn’t be as fun, right? So without further ado, let’s check out the games (click each game’s name for a direct link to the trailer)…

First things first, Humble kicks things off on September 29 with Floor 13: Deep State, from Oversight Productions. Inspired by the 1991 PC game and developed by the same team that worked on it, the game has you working in London as a civil servant in a “document-driven dystopia” where you decide how the truth is handled in stories inspired by the current political climate with dynamically generated set of plots and characters, be it by ordering more surveillance, fake news reports, or even assassinations.

Next, October 8 brings us Ikenfell, a turn-based RPG from Happy Ray Games, headed to all current major platforms. Putting a tactical twist on timing-based combat, the game sees a ragtag group of misfit students at a school for magic trying to find a popular student that suddenly went missing, uncovering several secrets about the school along the way.

A week later on October 15, Ring of Pain arrives for PC and Switch, coming from Simon Boxer and Twice Different. A new take on roguelike dungeon crawlers with card-based combat, Ring of Pain tasks you with navigating a hostile world of fear, where each level is laid out as a ring of cards, requiring players to strategically look over everything to choose the right moves needed.

This busy month for Humble concludes with Carto, a narrative-driven adventure game from Sunhead that arrives for all current major platforms on October 27. Help our titular character on their journey home by manipulating maps and shifting the world around them, exploring new lands, making friends, and helping them out while heading home.

Finally for 2020, Prodeus enters Early Access on November 10. Another throwback to old-school FPS games, developers Bounding Box have used modern rendering techniques in order to create a mix of the old and the new for some smooth, fast-paced action. And as the trailer shows, there’s a spiffy level editor included as a cherry on top.

As for 2021, we begin with Project Wingman, where Sector D2 aim to deliver a slick flight action game where intense dogfights can be held over an alternate history Earth with advanced fighter jets. Set for release on Steam, the game will also have an additional VR mode for those want an even more immersive experience.

The Wild at Heart is a Pikmin-esque fantasy journey from Moonlight Kids about childhood escapism that…wait, we already featured this game in an exclusive a short while ago, so why are we repeating ourselves? Haven’t you checked that out already? If not, please do so to learn more about this eye-popping title.

Bushiden is a classic Strider-style action-platformer set for PC, Switch, and PS4 that’s being developed by Pixel Arc Studios, with sprinkles of metroidvania games throughout it. It features a classic tale about rescuing your disappeared sister while stopping an evil army, which is made simpler thanks to several different abilities to unlock and a “crowd control” combat system that lets you take care of huge crowds of enemies.

Totemic comes to us from Collage Games, and is a top-down action/adventure game where you play as a young woman named Mara armed with an enchanted axe and the ability to absorb the powers of her opponents. Gaining access to a variety of different skills and forms, players will explore the world to learn more about it while battling enemies and massive bosses in order to help save the world, be it via Switch or PC.

Currently only set for the PC, Midnight Fight Express is a brawler by Jacob Dzwinel where you fight your way across the city, filled with non-stop action. With several colorful enemies and unlockable cosmetics, tons of weapons, and motion-captured combat, it should hopefully be a treat for beat-’em-up fans.

Finally, Studio Pixel Punk will deliver UNSIGHTED for the Switch and PC. A top-down action-RPG, players will explore the ruins of a former metropolis known as Arcadia, looking to prevent any Automatons from becoming the titular UNISIGHTED. The game will have a large, interconnected world to explore with non-linear gameplay and total freedom when it comes to how players decide to progress…but as the trailer shows, there is a time limit, and so how long it takes one to beat the game impacts the narrative and the fates of several NPCs.

So Humble Games are set to have a packed year and a third ahead of them, with several promising games set to come out. And keep in mind, this is just the lineup we have right now, and we never know if they’ll end up helping to publish additional games in this timeframe. As an extra bonus, until tomorrow night at 11:59 PM PST on September 1, new customers can use the coupon code gamescom2020 to get seventy-five percent off of the premium version of Humble Choice. Just head here to subscribe and apply the code. Oh, and there’s the End of Summer sale going on at the Humble Store until September 10. Meaning the while the future seems brighter than ever for Humble, things are pretty crazy for them here in the present as well.