Humble Nacon Bundle Now Available

A new humble bundle is available focusing on the works of Nacon games. This is one of the most diverse bundles out there at a low price point as $1 gets you Outcast – Second Contact, 2Dark, and Aarklash: Legacy. Beating the average of only around $4 gets you those games plus Of Orcs and Men, Styx, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, V-Rally 4, and Tennis World Tour.

Finally, for $15, you can get those games plus Pro Cycling Manager 2019, FIA European Truck Racing Championship, its Indianapolis Motor Speedway DLC, and The Fisherman. The BTA tier is an unreal value as for $4, you get a third-person action game in Outcast, a solid tennis game in Tennis World Tour that helps scratch the itch of anyone missing Virtua Tennis, and a rock-solid racer in V-Rally 4. If any one of the games offered up interests you, it’s well-worth buying at $4.