HuniePop Art Now Available For Purchase

HuniePop is, for lack of a better word, bizarre. It’s a bejeweled clone with an interesting take on the format, a frequently hilarious visual novel and unadulterated porn. If your interest has been piqued (or something else has been stiffened), read our review.

While the full game is available on Steam (and earns you plenty of devilishly risque nude artwork), getting all the way takes work. You’ll have to work the charm and break these ladies down with some good old fashioned puzzles. Some of us, however, aren’t all that patient.

Like prostitution is the shortcut for the relationship-impaired, HunePop’s art collection offers around 50 CG photos, 20 hand-painted backgrounds and more (such as promotional and backer exclusive art, sprite art and unused content) for those unwilling to find pleasure in the process.

The artwork collection can be downloaded as DLC via Steam (censored), or by way of the official site (uncensored) for $3.99. In contrast, a lady or gentleman of the night of equivalent value is likely a carrier of various bugs and patches you probably want to avoid.