Huntdown Goes Full ’80s With Release Date Trailer

Wow, has it been a long time since we’ve last heard from Huntdown, the arcade-style run-and-gun action game from developers Easy Trigger. Three years, in fact. But, seemingly out of the blue, Huntdown is here again, and ready for a release. With a release date set for only a week from now, in fact. You can check out the new trailer below, and given the game’s tone and retro style, it unapologetically goes all in on the ’80s cheese.

Let’s see, booming narrator? Check. VHS filters? Check. One-liners a-plenty? Check, check, and check. The clip introduces us to the three colorful bounty hunters we’ll play as, as well as some of the Warriors-inspired gangs you’ll be facing off against. All of this is done via a constant showcase of the game’s action, which easily evokes the likes of coin-op classics such as Contra in its intense gunplay. And the arcade machine shown in the beginning? Yes, you’ll be able to purchase an arcade cabinet version of the game once it becomes available. For now, though, we’ll see Huntdown arrive on all major platforms – including PC by way of the Epic Games Store – with an assist from publishers Coffee Stain Studios on May 12.