HW Productions Releases Angels of Deception: Part I for iOS Devices

HW Productions, an independent studio based in Cambridge, England, has announced that its mobile point-and-click adventure title, Angels of Deception: Part I, is now available for download.

Described as a “colourful 2D point-and-click adventure game set in a graphic novel visually inspired world,” Angels of Deception: Part I places the player in the shoes of Blake Turner, a British journalist who “finds himself entangled in the sinister plot of the centuries old Phantom Brotherhood to seize control over all of humankind.”

The inspiration for Angels of Deception: Part I is drawn from point-and-click adventure titles of the 1990s, according to HW Productions, with its touch navigation allowing players, both new and old, to pick up the mobile game with ease.

“Angels of Deception: Part I is a return to traditional point-and-click adventure core principles updated for today’s audiences, making it a great entry to the genre for new and veteran adventure gamers,” says Henry Watson, founder and developer at HW Productions.

Requiring iOS 7 or above, Angels of Deception: Part I is retailing at $3.99 (£2.99) on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Check out the launch trailer for Angels of Deception: Part I below: