Hyper-Colorful Ultra-Bizarre Precision Platformer Spinch Hops to Release

It’s not that color is such a wondrous thing but rather it’s got amazing PR.  For most people life without color would be bland beyond all belief, but for Spinch it’s an ever-present terror that eats its babies!  Yup, color is alive and the rainbow-predator has a taste for the delicious young of the Spinch, which is now an endangered species because color is pretty much everywhere.  This time, however, Spinch isn’t going to let it happen, and it sets out on a platforming quest to rescue its children from the rainbow’s ravenous grasp.

Spinch is, pretty obviously, a weird one, with a unique and fantastic style that enhances the action without overwhelming it.  The white ball Spinch runs, jumps, and dashes through pixel-art levels filled with detail but always clear on where to go, hopping and wall-jumping from one checkpoint to the next.  There are no lives to worry about, and checkpoint resets are almost instantaneous, but all the retries in the world don’t do a lot of good without the skills to survive.  Each level is an obstacle course of rainbow pixel-shimmer hazards, bizarre creatures, and bottomless pits, so losing three hearts of health (or four with a pickup) isn’t particularly hard to do.  Thankfully the challenge starts off reasonable, although for the truly dedicated there’s plenty of technique in dashing at top speed to the end for the best time.  Basically, Spinch is nicely accessible despite its hardcore nature and cheerful weirdness.

Spinch launched today on both Steam and Switch, complete with the traditional launch trailer to see it off into the wilds.  Give it a watch, and remember to be careful of carnivorous rainbows.