Hyper Light Drifter Developer Announces Second Game, Solar Ash Kingdom

Three years ago, developer Heart Machine gave us Hyper Light Drifter, their debut title. It was an absolutely stunning top-down adventure, with jaw-dropping pixel art, stellar combat, and a gripping narrative, among other things. It garnered huge amounts of acclaim and awards from fans and critics alike, becoming one of the year’s best games. So with such a huge amount of success, the pressure for any follow-up title they make has to be huge. Could it possibly end up being just as much of an epic as Hyper Light Drifter?

Well, today Heart Machine announced their second game, Solar Ash Kingdom. And just from looking at it, you can tell their answer to the previous question is “Damn straight we’re gonna try our hardest to make it just as epic.”

Mind you, all we have to go on right now is a single trailer, as seen below. But oh, what a first impression Solar Ash Kingdom makes. We see our first glimpses of the game’s world, this time in full 3D, with some striking yet colorful ruins and the creatures that inhabit them. A montage of this footage leads up to what we can assume is our hero, skating down at a rapid speed before preparing to strike a rather massive behemoth in the eye. All while the signature style and music from Hyper Light Drifter is present. In fact, one could easily assume there’s a connection between the two games, right down to the similar names. But of course, nothing has been confirmed yet.

This time around, Heart Machine will have a publisher to assist with Solar Ash Kingdom, Annapurna Interactive. By extension, the game will be hitting the Epic Games Store, with no other platforms announced yet. Of course, stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more details and announcements for Solar Ash Kingdom as they come.