Hyperforma Bouncing Onto Switch with Reveal Trailer

It’s amazing how easy hacking the system is.  Connect the pipes, match the patterns, pick out the character string, and you’ve got yourself a system that’s surrendered all authority.  While the hacking mini-game is a semi-dreaded cliche by now, Hyperforma is what would happen if it was given the love and attention necessary to become a full game.  Basically an inverted breakout, you play as a glowing golden hacker avatar flinging itself at a pattern of cubes, knocking them out one by one until the core is exposed.  The trick with the cube pattern is that, while the avatar moves in 2D, the entire mass of cubes is a 3D construct you can spin and rotate to find a quicker way in.  Brown cubes break, white cubes are invulnerable, bomb cubes explode, and exposing the core just gets more complicated as the patterns require juggling multiple types of hazard while mentally shifting gears from 2D to 3D and back again.

Originally an iOS game, Hyperforma is now on the way to the Switch.  It’s a wonderfully stylish thing with, if the trailer below is any indication, a soundtrack to match.  Give it a look to get ready for inverted-Breakout cyberpunk bouncy-hacking.