I Am Dead Springs To Life on October 8

Annapurna Interactive has a particularly intriguing lineup of games still yet to come, including The Pathless, Twelve Minutes, and Stray, to name a few titles. One game that seems to have gotten a bit lost among recent announcements and gameplay showcases, though, is I Am Dead. Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg‘s upcoming puzzle adventure game certainly looks quite promising, and now with the release date has been revealed, it looks like we’ll be able to check out I Am Dead’s charming world quite soon.

Set on the tiny island of Shelmerston, I Am Dead sees you playing as Morris Lupton, a museum curator. Morris passed away recently, though, hence the title. But Morris also now knows that a volcano is about to erupt, though, and using his newfound ghost powers to see through various objects and buildings (and assisted by his ghost dog Sparky), now has to solve various puzzles in order to get what’s needed to stop the eruption. I Am Dead comes out on October 8 for Switch and PC (via both Steam and the Epic Games Store).