IAm8Bit Re-Releasing Earthworm Jim 1+2 on Super Nintendo

In 1994, Earthworm Jim raised the bar for comedy in gaming. There was plenty of funny stuff in gaming, especially on PC, but on consoles it wasn’t so prevalent — and you certainly didn’t have games poking fun at gaming conventions. It was one of the biggest releases of the year and one of the finest 16-bit action-platformers ever. Today, I Am 8-Bit announced a 25th anniversary edition of the game that bundles it with the second entry as well. There will be only 2,000 copies made and 1 in 20 cartridges will get a cow print design to go with its $135 price tag.

All boxes will be fold-out foil and glossy and includes a high-quality booklet with a foreword. The default cart color is pink, which is just plain odd and doesn’t fit any part of the game’s design beyond Jim as a worm being pink and that’s about it. The label trim for both the cart and box art are gold, at least in their current form, and a gold design would fit the cart far better than pink does. Either way, it’s exciting to see that the series will be resurrected in some form — and on classic hardware to boot. Most companies releasing modern carts also do what they can to make sure they’ll run on clone consoles — but I wouldn’t count on anything but original hardware given how iffy the results have been trying to make them work on every clone console out there.

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