Iconic Board Game Bundle Hits Fanatical

Board games are something one doesn’t normally think about for PCs, but there are a lot available and some offer an incredible value overall. A new Fanatical bundle is available offering up four games for only $14.99 – with one that offers up an amazing deal given that it’s coming to Switch soon at above the cost of the bundle. That small sum of money gets you CLUE, The Game of Life 2, Battleship, and Jumanji: The Curse Returns.

This game in particular is interesting since that’s coming to the Switch in mid-June for $14.99 and getting it here nets the player that game in full alongside three others. In the case of Battleship, you have a game that sets to replicate the real game while clue also features the same physical items you would use only in a digital format. The bundle as a whole is a fantastic value and allows players to enjoy all four games for the price of Jumanji.