ID@Xbox Announces Nineteen New Day One Games For Xbox Game Pass

Two of the biggest strengths in recent years for Xbox have been the incredible amount of indie games supported and promoted through their ID@Xbox program, along with their Xbox Game Pass subscription service that provides tons of games for a monthly fee. So naturally, it’s always exciting whenever the two come together and a ton of impressive indies are now set for Xbox Game Pass, especially if they’ll be available in Game Pass on day one. And now at X019, ID@Xbox has announced nineteen games that will indeed now be ready for the service alongside their Xbox launch. As seen in the clip below, the latest batch includes…

– Carrion

– Cris Tales

– Cyber Shadow

– Double Kick Heroes

– Edge of Eternity

– Forager

– Haven

– It Lurks Below

– Levelhead

– Luna Nights

– My Friend Pedro

– Phogs!

– The Red Lantern

– ScourgeBringer

– She Dreams Elsewhere

– SkateBIRD

– Streets of Rage 4

– Supraland

– Tracks

…So between some ports headed to Xbox for the first time and some of next year’s most anticipated indie games, there’s a lot to look forward to. Hopefully ID@Xbox will continue to provide a steady supply of games as good as this for Xbox game Pass as time goes on.

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