Images Surface From Cancelled Mortal Kombat HD Remake

If there’s one game that we would love to see remade, it’s Mortal Kombat. Sure the game hasn’t aged well, but the nostalgic value is through the roof. It epitomizes mid-90s awesomeness what with its ultraviolent content, satirical edge and FMV capture of its character animations. Sadly, an HD remake of the game almost happened but was unceremoniously cancelled. From some previously leaked material, we were aware the game was in development, but how far was unclear.

Newly-unearthed images released today, however, show that it was actually quite far in development and quite awesome. Make-up artist Tanea Brooks has released a set of pictures that show actors and actresses dressed up in costume doing video capture work for the game. Both the actors/actresses and costumes surprisingly look the part and it looks shockingly faithful to the original.

Check out some of the shots below and head over to Brooks’ portfolio to view the rest. Now let’s bow our heads in shame that all of this work ended up being for naught.