In The Dark Cartridge Pre-Orders Are Live

Pre-orders are now live for Bitmap Soft’s new puzzle game for the Gameboy: In the Dark. Yes, this is a new game made to run on the actual Gameboy Color  hardware, making it something that diehard fans of the system may want to look into. As for what exactly In the Dark is, it’s a puzzle game with a singular goal for each stage: turn off all of the lights. Turning one off affects all those surrounding it though, so it’s likely not as easy as it sounds.

The backdrop for In the Dark is a ship orbiting a barren planet. As  Captain Ikalo Pann, players must investigate the derelict ship by solving the puzzles and bypassing the vessel’s many locks. This story mode should take most players around three to five hours to finish, but there is also a “Random Mode” which offers more than 500 possible puzzles.

As they play, players can also unlock new color palettes to help change things up. Lastly, In the Dark also supports the Super Gameboy for Super Nintendo, making it possible to enjoy on the TV as well. Check out the launch trailer below for a sense of what’s on offer here.