Indie Gems Bundle Hits Fanatical

Fanatical’s been a great go-to place for incredible savings, and the new indie gems bundle is another fantastic value. For a mere $2.49, you can get OPUS, TRI, Brawlout, Dead Age, Beholder, Distrust, Donuts ‘n Justice, and Crimsonland. This bundle gets you a blend of adventure games like Opus, while TRI is a first-person adventure that tests your puzzle-solving skills and spatial awareness. Brawlout offers up some indie game-centric Smash-style action, and is a great pickup for anyone who wants a game like that on PC. Dead Age is a turn-based tactical RPG with permadeath.

Those seeking a grim adventure will enjoy Beholder, while Distrust offers up a The Thing-esque tale with a group of survivors trying to not go mad on an arctic base. If you’re looking for a Miami Vice-infused action game with driving, shooting, and a light-hearted tone, you’ll enjoy Donuts ‘n Justice. Finally, you have Crimsonland – a frantic top-down shooter with a ton of bloodshed and a diverse amount of monsters to slay and be slain by.