Indie Mobile Horror Game Dark Fear Ported to PC

Indie developer Arif Games has announced that its mobile horror title, Dark Fear, has been ported to PC.

Compared to its iOS and Android counterparts, Arif Games’ PC version of Dark Fear “comes with higher clarity [and] improved audio quality.”

The indie RPG horror title has been listed on Steam, retailing at $2.99 and minimum specifications requiring Windows 7, 2GB RAM and 150MB of available space.

Arif Games claims Dark Fear has a “deep and engaging storyline,” having been scripted by a former film industry figure.

Dark Fear has players becoming the main target of supernatural entities and hostile animals upon their awakening in a dark, mysterious world.

According to Arif Games, Dark Fear “can only [be] described as [a] blend between RPG and adventure with a 2D graphical style similar to the classic PC games from the 1980s (think Myst meets King’s Quest).”

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