Indie Royale Lunar Bundle Launches

The Indie Royale bundle has returned with out of this world indie games! For about $6, you can get Pid, Cargo Commander, Back to the Future: The Game, and Dungeon Hearts. $2 more gets you TDK’s “Reawakening” album.  Pid is a platformer with a sweet visual style, while Cargo Commander is a physics puzzle platformer with some shooting elements. BttF: TG is a highly-revered adventure game with excellent voice work. Dungeon Hearts appears to be an RPG with a rhythm game bend to it.

In a rare move, every game in the bundle activates on Steam, while Pid and BttF also activate on Desura.This is the first time BttF has been in a bundle, and it’s well-worth the cost of the bundle on its own, while Cargo Commander is pretty fun, Pid looks fun, and Dungeon Hearts’s unique concept seems worth taking a chance on. Given that there’s only a $2 difference between the prices, folks interested in the bundle might as well kick in at least $8 to get the album as well.