Indivisible Now Available on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4

Indivisible has been in the works for years and now the game is finally out for nearly every platform on the Earth. It’s a unique hand-drawn side-scrolling RPG with a blend of turn-based and real-time combat infused with platforming. The demo released years ago showcased a unique experience and time hasn’t dulled that edge any as nothing else is quite like it even now. The game is receiving a physical console release today in North America alongside digital releases for all platforms and an international physical release on October 11. The post-launch plan is very player-friendly and includes 13 pieces of free DLC, including nine playable characters from franchises like Shovel Knight and Transistor alongside a crossover boss battle.  Anyone looking for something new and who enjoys side-scrolling action and RPGs will be in for a treat. Indivisible is available for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4 digitally for $39.99 and those wanting to enjoy the game DRM-free can do so via GOG.