Inertial Drift: Sunset Prologue Available Now on Steam

Inertial Drift is due out on August 7 for all consoles and PC via Steam, but for those seeking a neon-infused drifting experience before that, check out the Sunset Prologue demo on Steam. This cel-shaded drift racer has a unique control scheme and has you utilize the left and right sticks to ensure a higher level of accuracy. The so-called “drift stick” helps you stay on-course and avoid spinning out thanks to delicate stick movements.

Sunset Prologue allows you to race on two tracks, Lakeside Loop and Sunset Sea Circuit, to learn the mechanics of the game and test your mettle ahead of the full release in a month and a half. You can also pick between two cars, with one being a powerhouse and another being more balanced. Each track bathes the world in neon, and as a sucker for that art style, the game looks promising on the whole. Steam is home to many fun racers and having something like this on the go with the Switch is also cool.