Inflexion Games Reveals Early Access Release Date For Nightingale

Out of the numerous open-world survival crafting games either already out or in the works, Inflexion Games’ Nightingale seems to be one that’s somehow pretty prominent, yet still feels like it flies under the radar at times. So it was to see the game appear during Gamescom Opening Night Live, with the news of an Early Access release date. The date was announced via a new trailer that you can check out below, which also showcases a lot of new gameplay elements as well.

Set in the Fae Realms, described as a Victorian gaslamp fantasy world, Nightingale sees you playing as a Realmwalker, heading through arcane portals into procedurally generated worlds in order to forge their own stories of discovery. The new clip shows off a lot of the fantasy creatures you’ll encounter/battle, the bases you can build, the skills you can use, and more, making for a rather attractive presentation.

As for what’s new, Inflexion broke down the trailer’s featured additions (along with a Q&A concerning the game’s Early Access release) over on the game’s website, but for an abridged version, Nightingale now features swimming, a mysterious Fae Tower, a new Bhuthan building set for your craftable estates, magick-wielding apex creatures known as Sun Giants, aggressive Automaton Knights, and new enchantments such as fire and lightning ammo.

Nightingale’s Early Access launch will be on February 22, 2024, available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. According to Inflexion games CEO Aaryn Flynn, it’s a few months later than what was announced before, but hopefully the extra time should ensure the best possible experience at launch, even with the game’s early state.

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