Influent Finnish Language Pack Finished

Finland is a beautiful country full of wonderful and generous people. With its magical front-row view of the Northern Lights, free healthcare system, tasty fish dishes and mysterious Moomins, it’s a hard to resist vacation spot for lovers of nature and potato shaped cartoon characters.

That said, Finnish is a notoriously tricky language. And where’s the fun in spending hours trying to get directions to a bathroom with phony sign language? Thankfully, Influentthe nifty language learning game we praised last year — is giving one of mankind’s toughest assortments of words a run for its Euro. And it’s doing so with style: the same engaging 3D adventure that made Influent’s initial stab at study so effective and fun.

The Finnish language pack marks Influent’s 15th language, and is available on Steam for $4.99. Players who’ve yet to tackle Influent can grab the game with their language of choice for $9.99 — a steal for those even slightly tickled by the sexiness of multilingualism.