Inscryption Deals Out Card-Battling Thrills, Possibly Danger Starting Today

Inscryption, a new and uncanny mix of card competitive card games and escape room puzzles, hits PCs via Steam, GOG and Humble today. As the launch trailer below may indicate, there’s quite a lot more going on here than just a simple card game. Not only is the character seemingly caught in a SAW-esque scenario as they wager their very limbs on the strength of their deck, but they’re also seemingly caught up in some sort of supernatural shenanigans. With so much at stake, one wonders how they wound up playing to begin with.

Where other card games have player characters gathering cards by acquiring packs or discovering them as part of a story, Inscryption requires things like self-mutilation and surgery. It’s definitely not something anyone would just do, but then just entering the mysterious Leshy’s cabin is basically akin to walking into a life or death situation, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Check out our review to learn more about how it all works.