Introducing The Latest Outlaw of Secret Ponchos, The Matador

According to the entertainment industry, the west is a dangerous place. Between the drug cartels, rattle snakes and competitive multiplayer shootouts, the only place to hide is behind a pistol. And in Secret Ponchos, a top-down, western themed, dual-stick shooter from Switchblade Monkeys, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Well, in addition to running, dodge-rolling, shooting and tossing explosives (stuff we cover extensively in our preview).

The latest update to grace Secret Ponchos is one for the records, featuring new modes, a new map and The Matador — a class so badass it brings a sword to a gunfight. The new map, “The Ranch,” is set in “the burned-out remains of Kid Red’s home,” while the modes bring 4v4 to Domination and a bad-to-the-bones Deathmath (no respawns).

Topping the massive update is a sale for those who’ve yet to jump aboard the murder-express. Secret Ponchos will be 40% off and include a free code to send to a friend through August 18. If you’re even a wee bit curious, check out the live stream by clicking these words anytime on August 5 between 9 AM and 9 PM PDT, and watch the trailer below. Secret Ponchos is available now on Steam Early Access and will making its way to PlayStation 4 soon.

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