Redditor /u/HonIsBeterr has created something pretty awesome for us League of Legends fans.

If you enjoy watching your favorite League players stream on twitch, now you can do so with a bevy of in-game information. Here’s what you’ll be shown while they’re playing:

  • Everyone that is currently in the game
  • What summoners and Keystone mastery they’re using
  • If they’re a streamer you can check them out and you can see if they’re live
  • Post game stats like damage done and K/D/A

You can also filter the streams that show up on the home page. You can filter by servers, champion, language, Elo (Challenger, Master, or Diamond), and by viewers.

So if you like watching League players stream and would like some in-game info check it out here. Also the site is still being worked on so if you notice any bugs or have any feedback for him/them you can do so here.