IO Interactive’s Project 007 to Feature an Original James Bond

IO Interactive has confirmed their take on the 007 franchise will feature their own original James Bond.

Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig are just a few of the actors to inhabit the role of James Bond. The elusive 00 agent swaps out actors every few films with each actor bringing something different to the role. That same principle will apply to IO Interactive’s upcoming take on the franchise, Project 007.

Speaking with the Danish Broadcasting Company (translated by The Gamer), IO Interactive director Hakan Abrak confirmed that the game features their own unique Bond not based on any of the previous actors. Furthermore, he also confirmed that the game features an original story with the potential to spiral into a full-blown trilogy.

To prepare for the ambitious project, IO Interactive is prepping heavily. The studio currently has 200 employees, but Abrak revealed that they intend on having over 400 employees when all is said and done.

007 has a long history in video games with major publishers like EA and Activision holding the licensing for a time. Those publishers tended to focus more on the action-side of Bond films and were played like shooters. IO Interactive’s long work on the Hitman franchise, and it’s vast array of gameplay options, is likely what won the studio the license. Their latest title, Hitman 3, is a testament to their approach, though it’s not without its flaws.

No release window or potential platforms was given. Be sure to check back for more news on Project 007.