Iris and the Giant Hits GOG, Steam on 2/27, Demo Available Now

Iris and the Giant brings with it a stunning art style alongside turn-based combat and card battling. The visuals stand out right away thanks to their heavy usage of individual colors soaking the screen. Iris has to explore an imaginary world and conquer her fears alongside her journey. The game’s deck-building appears to be user-friendly with each new card allowing you to earn points to boost Iris’ skillset.

It will run on pretty much anything made in the last five or so years and only takes up 300 MB, so if you’re seeking a new side-scrolling RPG with a stunning art style, this is a fantastic pickup for anyone regardless of what kind of horsepower your rig has.

The game will be available on 2/27 on both Steam and GOG. Steam features a free demo for the game now, while GOG will allow you to enjoy the game without having to worry about any DRM clogging up the experience.

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