Bundle for Ukraine Enters Final Day With Nearly Six Million Dollars Raised

The current war in Ukraine right now is a tragedy, one leaving countless innocent Ukrainians under attack. In order to help out, hundreds of game developers have joined together with Necrosoft Games for the Bundle for Ukraine on, a bundle of nearly one thousand video games, tabletop RPGs, asset packs, and more for just a minimum of ten dollars, with all proceeds from every purchase going towards International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. In nearly two weeks, the bundle has raised just under six million dollars, and as the final day to purchase the bundle begins, it seems hopeful that we can reach that goal and beyond by the end.

It would be impossible to list everything in the bundle here, but notable highlights include Celeste, Backbone, Inmost, ZeroRanger, A Short Hike, Circa Infinity, Baba is You, Pig Eat Ball, Wandersong, Minit, and many more games. While the whole package totals over $6,500 worth of content for at least ten dollars, folks are encouraged to donate more towards their purchase if possible, as every little bit helps. The Bundle for Ukraine ends tonight at midnight PST, so if you want to help support a noble cause while also checking out a ton of enjoyable games, make sure to pick up the bundle by then.